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Backed by a Two year warranty

Island Dog Beach

Product Details

Pre order- delivery first of June

ISLAND DOG BEACH. Built for Small and Large dogs!

We've built three models! our latest and Greatest Dog Ramp features a wide angle opening and wider support tubes for easier access when the dog enters from an angle with better support for larger dogs!

Whether it's used from a dock or your boat, your dog can effortlessly walk in and out with confidence.
Designed in bright yellow and has an extra wide opening for easy training. This lets your dog easily find his way back up once in the water. The Island Dog includes a hand pump to blow it up in just 2 minutes, and stores as small as a camp chair!

-EVA foam for extra grip on your dog's paws

-Claw-friendly & Heavy duty construction

-For dogs up to 160 pounds

-Hand pump with gauge

-Mesh ramp with three grip bars for easy use

-D rings for connection to your boat or dock

-Yellow inflatable with mesh ramp
-Patch kit, hand pump & bag
-Inflated Size:
-2.5m X 1.6m X15 cm ( 8 ft X 5 ft X 6 in)

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